Ed Bruce - Last Cowboy Song
Lyrics (Last Cowboy Song)

This is the last cowboy song the end of a hundred year waltz
Voices sound sad as they're singing along another piece of America's lost

He rides a feed lot and clerks in a market on weekends selling tobacco and beer
His dreams of tomorrow surrounded by fences
But he'll dream tonight of when fences weren't here
He blazed the trail with Lewis and Clark
And eyeball to eyeball Ol' Wyatt backed down
He stood shoulder to shoulder with Travis in Texas
And rode with the Seventh when Custer went down
This is the last cowboy song...

Remington showed us how he looked on canvas
And Louie L'Amore has told us his tale
And Willie and Waylon and me sing about him
And wish to God we could have ridden his trail

The Old Chisholm Trail is covered in concrete now
And they truck 'em to market in fifty foot rigs
They blow by his marker never slowing to read
Like living and dying was all he did
This is the last cowboy song...
This is the last cowboy song...
[ guitar ]
This is the last cowboy song...


A wonderful perspective and reflection on how our grace and acceptance of cultural diversity is diluting America's identity. The lyrics and video do a beautiful job of capturing the old west, and all it's pieces, hitting the mark with a sadness of it's demise, artfully executed with Ed's  voice in song and narration, complimented with Willie Nelson in background vocals, cleverly winding down to a quiet, single note. The line "Another piece of America's lost" is repeated in the chorus. People immigrate to America for many reasons. America may be losing those "reasons" & "pieces" ... and thus her identity.

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